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Plant, Transplant, Weed, Repeat...

It's Thursday, June 17th, 2021. It's a '1' day, numerologically (were you 'opening new doors'?)

and biodynamically, we're moving from 'fruit' to 'root.'

Really, I am grateful it was sunny and beautiful, as it allowed me to be outside all day.

All I can say is that my work yesterday felt like a power surge; the incoming energy was super intense and electrifying. It took all day to get to the point that I'm only now (at 8:17pm) starting to feel like I've got it a little bit more embodied.

So today was a work-in-the-garden kinda day: I finished making three more bags of mulched leaves, transplanted a few little plant babies, mowed the lawn, and changed tires.

(Yeah, that last one - I'm proud of... required lots of WD40!)

No doubt there are things to catch up on 'out there' in the world, too...

For now, though, I'm thrilled that the peonies are in bloom (they do smell amazing!) and that I'm feeling (mostly) ready for this weekend. I'm really looking forward to hosting Ross Newkirk again (this time with his family!) - to provide Cohere Mat sessions as a fundraiser for SPACE on Saturday.

Will you join us?

Finally, we have arrived at "Gate 12.Line 5 - The pragmatist The success of restraint lies in not abandoning the lessons learnt when the phase ends. Exaltation: Light is always conscious of darkness. Caution as an expression of social experience."

Today's 'theme of cautious interaction,' was perfect for me in every way.

Sometimes it really is necessary to lay low for a bit of self-preservation...n'est-ce pas?

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