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Personal Art

It's Tuesday, June 1st. The start of a new month can be a bit discombobulating with the non-sequential's a '3' day today (did you have a chance to radiate joy?) and,

biodynamically, it's a 'flower' day. For me, another strange thing I noticed upon waking, is that the sun was coming up from a different angle...

These days, though, rolling with the strange is what I do, so I drank some tea, got dressed, and headed outside.

I was happy to get some German Chamomile planted this morning, as well as Cosmos, Zinnias, three kinds of Sunflowers, and Whorehound.

Since the road construction is ongoing in front of the Barn, I also had a chance to chat with the personable young man directing traffic, right in front of my driveway. He was curious about what I had been planting.

Turns out we both have a passion for sustainability, food security (from gardening), permaculture, and health.

Isn't that fun, to consider the timing of this we move into

Gene Key #35: 'Wormholes and Miracles'; (Shadow) Hunger - (Gift) Adventure) - (Siddhi) Boundlessness.

While Rudd elevates this Gene Key to a new level, the traditional understanding is:

"Gate 35 Progress; Gate of Change

Line 1 - Humility The ability to accept rejection. Exaltation: The artist that accepts rejection as part of the process. Acceptance of change and rejection as part of the process."

I realize that I write this blog, with no concern of rejection; and I garden and weed with a sense of adventure.

And how about these four sculptors and their Secret Mermaid...isn't this a great story?

Sneaky personal art. Boundless expression. Exalted creation and acceptance of change....sounds pretty amazing, huh?

Go on, then. Get busy!

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