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Peridot Trees

It's Monday, May '11' day numerologically, which as a Master number supports 'Following Your Star.' I'm grateful this number holds a peaceful, spiritual energy that flows.

As I worked outside today, I reveled in the brand new leaves...the color of my birthstone: peridot.

This last weekend was pretty full and I'm happy to report it was great fun! The Sagamore Resort was the location; 'The Girlfriends' Retreat' was the destination.

I loved introducing folks to the CoHere Mat and the Aura photos were a hit - mostly because they all came with a message. The message theme of the day was: engage in some form of creativity that makes your heart sing!

It was also interesting that I had printed 60 handouts for my presentation...and gave out 59.

Additionally, I had this Guardian looking out for me - right over my space. Seemed very fortuitous:

At the end of the day, I performed a water blessing at the edge of Lake George. By the time I got home, it had been a 17-hour day.

How grateful was I that the last day of Gate 2 was our Clearing Circle! The most interesting request to have cleared took a whole group effort to identify: "The inability to override self-destructing programming and fail-safe mechanisms."

That seemed very relevant when I wrapped up my evening watching Dinesh D'Souza's documentary '2000 Mules.' Wowza!

Today was the start of "Gate 23:Splitting Apart; Gate of Assimilation & The Elimination of Intolerance. Line 1 - Proselytization The attempt to undermine one set of values for another. Exaltation: The sage, who in the extreme can defend evil as a part of the greater good. The powerful expression of an insight which will undermine established values.

How about the Gene Keys?

Gene Key 23: (Shadow)Complexity – (Gift)Simplicity – (Siddhi)Quintessence

With today's gorgeous weather, I was grateful to spend time outside in my garden, cleaning out the composting toilet, and assembling the glass table tops in anticipation of gatherings.

I also captured this sweet photo of my little mother Robin's eggs...belated Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mamas!!

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