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It's Saturday, June 6th...the end of the day. This morning started with a bang and has not slowed down! I had a chance to get leaves harvested this morning (lovage, mugwort, spearmint, lemon balm, and nettle) before driving to Keene to visit Vicky's garden. Then, right before I left, I got a 'directive,': go get a rock for her from the river.

Do you listen, when you get those 'hits'? Have you ever not - and then regretted it?

There have been times that I have ignored them (and later wished I hadn't) I really honor my intuition at this point.

I love rocks. I work with them in all of my gardens and honor the role they play, so I went down to the river to ask which rock was supposed to come with me.

Ha! I ended up with a BIG big, I had to return for the wagon. When I asked it to get lighter, it told me to get stronger.

Sassy stone!!

So I did. As I maneuvered it into the car, I hoped that, under the circumstances, Vicky would pardon the slight delay in my arrival.

She was very gracious. Chuckled even, when I told her I'd brought a rock - she has them everywhere, too. Her gardens are lovely and have the same flowing feeling that I appreciate in mine.

As we toured, she named the various plants and flowers and paused to wonder at one flowering shrub that seemed to be suffering. She confessed that she had spoken with her Guidance and was told to 'leave them.' As I tuned in, I realized there was a Geopathic Stress Zone (have you heard about these? Sometimes it's an underground water vein...) that was crossing through the garden on a diagonal - impacting a whole swath of plants and trees.

I ran and got my divining rods (doesn't everyone travel with a pair of them in their car?) to confirm this and Vicky marked the edges with some stakes, so it became visible for her, as well. I showed her which direction the energy was flowing and we saw what was suffering as a result.

That was when I realized why I had been told to bring the rock! This rock would act much like an acupuncture needle - dispersing the intense flow of energy. We understood then, too, why she was told to leave the plants. We had both listened.

As we maneuvered it into place, I could feel the energetic shift - and I'm looking forward to hearing what difference it makes.

I gratefully accepted a number of beautiful plant starts - and have been running around like a squirrel all afternoon getting them in the ground. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will rain tonight?

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