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Outside-In Development

It's Thursday, July 8th. It's a '2' day, numerologically (did what you give out come back multiplied?) and we moved into a 'flower' day (after a brief 'gray' period) this afternoon. Not that I was outside in my garden at all today - the morning started with thunder and lightning and has not let up with the rain.

There is so much info coming to light that it's a bit overwhelming...little puzzle pieces that are connecting dots, forming the bigger picture.

I suppose this is why I was happy that I got the wood stacked yesterday; there were plenty of inside things to accomplish today and my body needed a rest.

Are you able to pause with this rain? For a moment of stillness and quiet?

This is the energy of "Gate 53:

Development; Gate of Beginnings,Transition and Change

Line 3 - Practicality Exaltation: In its most natural position, the concentration on avoiding conflict to ensure protection and continued development. The pressure to eliminate conflict in order to develop."

It's good to remember sustainability begins with continue protection and development of my energy, spirit, mind, and body!

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