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It's Thursday, September 24th and I was happily painting inside the cupboards this morning, when Brigham showed up. He came bearing a very smelly gift...

Yes, local farms are harvesting hemp to make CBD oil. Have you tried it? It's amazing to know this 'weed' is such a powerful plant ally.

It's beautiful, too, and fascinating how the leaves curl into each other, in a very orderly and elegant manner.

I have not tried growing hemp in my garden. There have been plenty of other 'weeds', though.

Especially this year! Seems like things got a bit left to their own devices...I didn't keep things nearly as neat as I usually like.

Are you a neat person? Do you like things orderly?

Are you aware of times when you are attempting to assert too much control?

This year has been all about leting things that usually get very organized and orderly - go.

Well, for me, that is....

Look at how neat Linda's garden is!

Okay. This is where I admit I am a recovering perfectionist.

Fortunately, I am recognizing perfection in all things - even when it's not the way I think it should be. Perfectly imperfect.

And perhaps, there is an underlying order to things that we just don't see?

After all, someone who has never experienced seasons might be very concerned seeing leaves change color and fall off trees.

I do love this time of year;

the very beginning of the color change!

Even the drive up I91 is gloriously beautiful.

And even though it still feels like there is so much to get ready for winter, I trust there is an inherent order, in which everything will play out.

How about you? Are you up for this joyride?

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