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Off the Charts

It's Sunday, August 1st. Here were are - this new month means a non-sequential numerological '5' day (were you feeling positive change in the air -again?), and biodynamically, we've moved into a 'root' period for the next few days.

There are a few sites to check out at the beginning of a new month; I love The PowerPath. They're kind of 'no holds barred,' like me, when I talk about doing the work. Here's a piece of their take:

"What is the “work”?

Courage to tell the truth. Courage to let go. Courage to forgive. Determination to trust. Discipline to stay out of blame. Compassion for yourself and others. Acceptance and cooperation regarding change not initiated by you. Keeping your vibration high no matter what through beauty, inspiration and strong spiritual practices. Staying in your own lane and out of other people’s drama and negativity. Trusting your intuition, your inner guidance, and having the courage to go for what is right for YOU. Taking full responsibility for your own shi(f)t."

Ahhhh. Not an easy start to this month, though, with the Schumann Resonance off the charts again!

And since it felt like a dreary day and I found myself inside catching up sorting/cleaning/ chores, I also listened to a few other interviews: Jaco & Mel K; a detox protocol for the shot; and this one by Majic Eyes Qnly.

I did hear that August was going to be hot- in more ways than one. And Heather reminded me we are in the Lion's Gate Portal.

So, how will we maintain our balance?

Holding space gently for ourselves and others? Bringing light, love, and consciousness to things that had been relegated to the shadows?

Well, how 'bout this: "Gate 33.3 - Today sharing your secrets or not is key

Line 3 - Spirit The attitude that turns retreat into victory. Exaltation: The responsible and principled retreat based on preservation but with the determination to persevere. Privacy as a path to success."

This was a terrific 'down' day for me...

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

My advice? Especially if the Schumann Resonance is high - figure out how to take some quiet time for yourself.

Happy August!!

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