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It's Wednesday, June 9th. It was a 'root' day (off and on) biodynamically, and an '11' day, numerologically. Perhaps this is why I felt supported and productive? The day flowed in its own timing and I was so happy to get caught up with mowing. Especially after the rain, yesterday!

I seriously believe that it's taking so much energy to get through the day...for everyone, right now.

As I walked around the garden this evening, I realized how necessary it is to for me to take time out from what's going on 'in the world,' and be present to what's happening here.

It's easy to want to see what has shown up in the news - and even the alternative news (the real news, that is getting censored and banned). And mental, emotional,

and spiritual health requires me to disengage more and more.

Have you noticed this, yourself?

That there's a greater requirement to nourish yourself in different ways than you used to?

I felt such gratitude upon realizing the honeyberries were ripening - and the birds hadn't eaten them all. As I stood there, savoring the little bursts of blue, a small bird flew up to perch on one of the peony supports.

As silly as it sounds, I started singing to it...and it responded!

Then, as if I had somehow understood the meaning of the song, I glanced down to see a small nest, hiding in the branches below where I was standing.

When you consider the size of the honeyberry (think oval blueberry), it's amazing to realize how tiny these eggs are!

How perfect, hmmmm?

And in keeping with

"Gate 45.3 - Correct timing is key today"

I'm not sure that anything else about today's Gate's info felt relevant, however, I did feel nourished on every level - especially in the moment of catching this sequence of images to share...

Now - I'm off to sleep in my own nest!

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