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New Year; New Day

It's Friday, January 1, 2021. Believe it or not, I ended up staying up 'til midnight last night.

For those who know me, I'm sure that is as surprising for you as it was for me!

Did you stay up? What did your evening look like?

I slept soundly (for the second night in a row I dreamed of being in some kind of boarding school environment, I think).

And when I woke up the sun was simply magical on the glittering snow.

I intended to clean out my closet today, which is some of what I worked on. When I shared my plans with a friend, he asked if I were speaking metaphorically...ha!

I also refilled the salt dish on my altar.

This is something I do every month - I intend it to absorb any negativity that might be floating around - mine, or that of any visitors.

Interesting, considering Gate 38:Line 3 - Alliance "Exaltation: The ability to sustain through integration with similar forces, thus ensuring the vitality to persevere. The energy to integrate with others in times of struggle. Detriment: Selfish alliance which saps the energy of one's partners, in order to ensure personal vitality. The energy to selfishly use others in times of struggle."

This evening, I pulled a card to see what the theme of this year overall might be...

What is your New Year ritual? Do you have one?

This looks pretty fortuitous to do you read it?

What is especially fun, is that we move to a 'fruit' day, biodynamically, tomorrow - and for the next 2 and a half days!

While there are still things that are getting sorted out on the political front, I believe that we are moving towards a better future!

Are you on this timeline with me? Awake and aware...and ready?

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