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It's Wednesday, April 7th. It's a '7' day, numerologically (are you finding answers from within?) and a 'flower' day now - and through tomorrow. As I woke this morning, I stretched into my body so grateful for the healing sleep; when I remember to request it, before going to bed at night, I usually feel much more refreshed in the morning!

We are powerful creators, right?

Might as well trust that we will receive what we decide to create...and right now sleep is so needed to stay balanced and coherent.

I gave myself half an hour to drink my cup of tea and catch up on inspirational videos, such as this one by Dr. James Rouse.

It was a good reminder that every day brings me opportunities to practice what I preach:

staying flexible, allowing ease, learning how to go with the flow...

Last night, for instance, I spent three hours trying to edit my blog post - and for some reason, the website kept giving me a tragic message - not possible; try again later.

Since I haven't missed a day since I started, I got pretty stubborn (me? ha!) and finally got desperate enough to call my tech-savvy son.

He tried too, and gave me the same answer: just try again in the morning.

We then had a fun conversation catching up on everything that's been happening that is NOT covid related.

After hanging up, I looked at my phone (not my landline, my 'camera' phone) - and decided it might just be time to see if I could edit online...


I felt very pleased with myself for this small win and have decided I can be proud of myself for all the things I do well, all of the things I don't know and am willing to try learning...and also I can release all judgments around what I can't do.

It's always so fun to see how the current energy contributes to my understandings:

"Gate 51:Line 4 - Limitation Exaltation: A pure inventiveness and sometimes genius to find some opportunity even in the midst of the most devastating shocks. The warrior ego that will find some way to answer the challenge."

So, what will you challenge yourself to learn? To discover?

How do you celebrate and acknowledge your wins?

When will you allow yourself to drop judgments of what you don't like about yourself - to embrace the Amazing Being you are now and are becoming?

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