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Mustering Courage

It's Saturday, January 16, 2021. The snow that arrived overnight was super heavy and took me a few hours to shovel. Now, things have warmed up to a balmy 40 degrees and there is fog outside! It's a '4' day, numerologically, at this point, it's a 'flower' day biodynamically...

Also, we have moved into a New Gene Key: 61(The Cracking Of The Vessel).

(Shadow)Limitation – (Gift)Realism – (Siddhi)Justice

Rudd writes: 'All the answers to all our problems and challenges are hidden in the creatures and structures of nature, and all of those structures and creatures are embedded in microcosmic form inside every molecule of our DNA. Common sense is not in opposition to magic. It is common sense to remain open-minded to everything in the universe, because everything has at its core the same wondrous inner light.'

Wow, huh?

So, as I contemplated what to share today, it was this: Gather your courage!

It is needed at every level, whether it's for

  • listening to an opinion you don't agree with

  • getting geared up to shovel snow, or

  • fighting Reptilians and Satanists

I heard Rudyard Kipling's poem 'If' again and realize that this is a terrific example of courage and common sense.

(I also think humor is a key component of surviving these times...see my above 'art installation' and photo on the left...!)

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