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Mushrooms & Zombies

It's Saturday, September 5th. It was lovely weather and after spending a little time this morning caulking, I headed over to Winchester, NH to Sue & Stacey.

I was excited to take a puffball mushroom that was brought over yesterday (thank you, Brigham!).

Do you like mushrooms?

Do you forage them?

This one was so perfect - and as I look at the photo now, it seems to slightly resemble a skull.

In addition to this mushroom, I also received a slice of the 'large' puffball....

...which was apparently 14lbs. !!

I wondered how best to cook it. I sliced some pieces, marinated them in teriyaki, and stuck them in the dehydrator.

The rest I cooked in butter - which is my favorite default food/veggie preparation.

So delicious!!

I ate some yesterday and today.

Anyway, I had a chance to practice some animal communication with horses, alpacas, and bunnies - thank you Sue and Stacey for allowing me this opportunity. All of your animals seem so happy with you!

The next part of the adventure included a very peaceful kayak trip.

I am always grateful to get out on the water.

After loading back up, I noticed the car next to us had a special sticker. My car has no (bumper) stickers...does yours?

I found this one highly amusing.

All in all, it felt like a perfect fall day,

which almost made me wonder - what's around the corner....?

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