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Moving Ahead

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

It's Sunday, March 14th. Today is a '4' day, numerologically; a 'leaf' day biodynamically; and hopefully you remembered to move your clock ahead?

Today has already been a mix of sun and snow flurries - which is always par for the course, in March.

Ever optimistic, I pulled out my red NoppyFlex Birks. Yeah, with the amount of snow still on the ground it may have been premature....

That said I'm thinking it may be time to toughen up the soles of my feet for spring!

This morning started with some really heavy emotions for me, which is usually a clue that the Clearing Circle will be intense.

This 'clearing' list has been compiling itself and I'm additionally grateful for Tony's insight this morning; between teasing out some numbers and symbolism, and factoring in Cal's wisdom, there's a lot going on! She writes:

"As the coming week opens up, it behooves us to make note of the fact that The Ides of March falls on March 15th, Saint Patty’s Day falls on March 17th, and the Vernal Equinox falls on March 20th"

Some things to clear include:

  • Inability to see beyond the symptom, in order to address/heal/clear the root problem

  • Suffering and denial of gapped/repressed suffering

  • Spell reversals and trickery

  • Programming for crisis/disaster/turbulence

  • Coup contra coup

  • Artificial legitimacy

  • Pity

  • Indifference

  • Perpetuation of ignorance

Do you recognize any of these themes?

How might you rate yourself on your own Hero's journey right now?

I'm taking one small step (in my thick socks and sandals) instead of looking at the mountain...

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