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Mother's Day

It's Sunday, May 10 - Mother's Day.

Are you celebrating? Honoring? Remembering?

After all (like it or not) your mother is half of who you are...

My thoughts went to my mother, grateful for the DNA she contributed to my existence.

This photo was taken by my sister several years ago. I don't remember why we were laughing...and yet, I am happy to be reminded there were good times.

When I think about my own mothering experience, I am very grateful for Molly Ferris!

She was an amazing role model for me and both sons and a good reminder that:

"A mother's job is to not be needed."

I think about what a different mother I would be now - and yet, both sons are independently living their lives - so, in that sense, I did my 'job'!

Additionally, I am grateful that even with all of the ups and downs we experienced, my relationship with them is still intact and loving...even though they don't 'need' me.

When you think about your mother (or your children) what shows up? Are there moments of regret, remorse, and anguish? Have you reached a place of acceptance, compassion, and gratitude?

This is a deep healing opportunity - more than a Hallmark moment. As you feel deeply, you are connecting with the Divine Feminine; the aspect of you that can bring unconditional love to any part of your Inner Child that is still in pain.

As you honor your mother today, in any way that feels authentic, recognize her gift to you.

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