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Moral Compass

It's Monday, September 21, and my calendar states that today is the UN International Day of Peace. Isn't that a little bit funny? That there is only one day dedicated to peace? To me, it's kinda like Mother's Day...every day is Mother's Day; every day is a day for peace.

As I worked (yes, still painting) I listened to some podcasts of various folks, who have shown up on my radar. The concept of 'moral compass' came up.

Do you have a moral compass?

What does it look like? Feel like?

How do you know if you are doing something good or bad?

For me, I can feel the rightness (or wrongness) of a choice in my body. In Human Design, all generators have 'sacral authority,' an immediate 'uh-huh,' or 'unh-uh.'

You know what I'm talking about, right?

What happens though, when we override (or are taught to override) that system?

It's like trying to take a photo of a compass with a cell phone, which makes the needle go wonky!

Right now, it seems like everything that is 'out there,' is wonky - have you noticed?

Even here, in rural Vermont, I am hearing about more extremes: Directed Energy Weapons, arson, movies that sexually exploit children, media bent on perpetuating deceit and fear....the list goes on.

So I am keeping my moral compass 'in sight' recognizing truth 'in side.'

How about you?

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