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It's Saturday, July 17th. Biodynamically, it's still a 'root' day; numerologically, it's '2' day (were you able to be tolerant, diplomatic, and patient?).

I woke up early, not knowing exactly what today was going to look like, and slipped into my favorite NoppyFlex Birks before I was completely awake...

Needless to say, I chuckled when I noticed.

Was this prescience? A clue of what was to come?

As it turns out, when I drop preconceived notions, I can relax into allowing; discomfort, worry, and stress show up when my inner and outer worlds are mismatched.

The day flowed with person after another arrived and Heather worked graciously to provide feedback and remedies to balance mismatched frequencies in their voices and bodies.

Turns out, I would benefit from strengthening 'C,' by adding some iodine, the energy of emerald or jade stones, or various essential oils (including Lemongrass, Cedarwood, and Juniper, among others).

Perhaps this is relevant for this last day of "Gate 62.6 - Today, going deeper or not is key

Line 6 - Self-discipline Exaltation: A penny saved is a penny earned. Detail as the path to material success. The understanding that material success depends on the expression of detail."

Becoming more and more aware of the subtle ways that I can bring more aspects of myself into balance and matching frequencies to the Grand Vision I am working towards seems worthy of my attention and energy...and self-discipline.

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