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It's Wednesday, July 14th. Today is an '8' day, numerologically (was it a successful business day for you?) and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically.

I loved chatting with a new friend from Northern Vermont this morning, who misspoke (no accidents, really!) and created the above word: 'messesary.'

Ha! Another 'wordgin' (virgin word): necessary mess!

Doesn't that really describe what we see to be seeing all around us?

When I left for NY this morning, the deck was still intact...however, Joe is amazingly industrious and by the time I returned home, the results of this messesary project were evident.

My trip took a few detours - into a few shops on the way, chatting with lovely people.

As I drove home on a road I had never previously traveled, I realized again that I was clearing again, en route.

It made me laugh, as I thought of a friend describing their experience of random, unexpected noise-making...I have been unapologetic for a while about the various sounds that emerge when something is wanting's all messesary.

Have you had that experience, yet?

The day was lovely with a few thundershowers that ended up clearing elementally, what I was clearing intentionally/energetically.

Perfect for today's energy: "Gate 62.Line 3 - Discovery Exaltation: A genius for the unusual. The ability to discover valuable information in detail work and to find innovative applications for this knowledge. The unusual gift of finding and expressing valuable details."

My insight is that creation can be messy. Recreation is necessary.

As we create, uncreate, and recreate to co-create a better world, there will be things that may be visually, auditorily, or otherwise physically disturbing.

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