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Lunar New Year

Happy Friday, 2.12.2021! Not only is it a '1' day, it's also a 'flower' day...and we have moved from the Chinese Year of the Rat to Year of the Ox.

Here are some

  • Colors: blue, yellow, green

  • Numbers: 1, 4

  • Flowers: lily of the valley and lucky bamboo

  • Directions of auspiciousness: East, Southeast

  • Directions of wealth: Northwest

  • Directions of love: South

Nice to start this Ox year on a '1' day, huh?

I started this day very early (on the road by 5:30 am)...heading over to Home Depot. Don't judge me, there was a curtain rod emergency.

All of the set design components for this evening arrived yesterday afternoon - except the curtain rod. Although I was initially told it would arrive by 9:00 pm last night, the new tracking info expected date is February 13th.

Well. I can be catalyzed into action when I have a vision to complete!

As I drove, listening to the Oldies Station, I thought about how much fun I have pulling ideas into reality.

Today we enter this last day of Gate 49:

Line 6 - Attraction 'The power of revolution in action to expand its support. Exaltation: An innate impressionability that transforms the fence-sitter into the committed. The sensitivity and potential to embrace and transform others.'

Today felt like the Universe had my back, as I went about getting things ready for tonight's Comedy & Dance....because it is bigger than me. It's loving confirmation that this is what we are supposed to be doing - connecting in joy and love.

So, just like the letters in 'ox'...I'm sending you some love: xoxox!

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