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Love & Trust

Thank goodness for flowers, herbs and all of the plant support that we enjoy from nature!

This afternoon, before it started raining, I was out raking through the geranium bed.

It seemed a little daunting - the bed has really grown and filled in over the years. And then - as I raked - I started smelling the fragrant new leaves. They are simply astounding! It made the whole job fly by and I found myself singing and laughing.

Of course, after finishing I went inside to do a little research...

Did you know that the energy of geranium can help restore your confidence of the goodness of others and the world?

It can help re-establish trust and encourages emotional honesty, love, and forgiveness. It assists anyone who has a hard time moving out of their logical mind and into the warmth of their heart, as well as facilitating the emergence of suppressed sorrow and emotional pain.

What an amazing gift - to have a chance to be working with nature and recognizing the benefits that are there for us. If you don't have a whole bed of geraniums yourself, well, don't worry. There are ways to access the same energy with essential oil. Let me know if you'd like me to add a bottle to my order for you...

I went back outside, cleaned out the fire pit and held a sacred clearing fire, making use of the dead leaves. I watched fire swirling across the entire garden...smudging everything with fragrant smoke. Isn't this a perfect time to release any emotion that feels heavy? And trust that the love in our hearts will guide us to a new level of being?

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