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Long Shadows

It's Monday, November 9th, and the final day of Gate 1: Line 6 - Objectivity.

Really, I felt like I was given an opportunity to use ALL my tools today. How about you?

When I woke up, I felt like I was dealing with an energetic hangover - I looked at the Birch crown I had been handed yesterday and felt like it represented a crown of thorns.

I was grateful when Katya called, so we could figure out what was happening on the Collective Level. I'm noticing a pattern of working with my 'Right Angle' friends on right angle days (Lines 1-4) and my 'Left Angle' friends on days 5 & 6.

Do you know where you fall?

I had a number of things on my to-do list - and ended up mostly working on raking and mulching.

How funny is that? To be outside in gorgeous weather...after the first snowfall?!

As I raked, I considered the gift of nature.

And me - being in a place of transmuting strong emotions and energies.. the same way I was raking leaves to become mulch for the vegetable beds.

As I added them to my cauldron (whoops! I mean my leaf mulcher!) I saw them whipped and shredded - transmuted into a valuable soil additive.

Now I have what would have been 4 or 5 big tarps full of leaves contained in 5 contractor bags... cooking any weed seeds.

What are you transmuting? Pick anything that is dead, useless, no longer needed - or that has triggered you and give it a try...!

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