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Lifelines & Deadlines

It's Monday, June 21, 2021. It's a '5' day, numerologically, (did you welcome change and do something different?) and a 'flower' day, biodynamically. I took some time this morning to catch up on laundry, etc., which allowed my thoughts to float around a bit.

After a powerful session with an intensely motivated young woman, I thought about the ways we engage in various addictions and the hereditary nature of familial patterns.

Relationships can provide powerful insight into our own motivations!

One component that every ancestor wants cleared is 'Addictions.' Always.

Even when folks swear they have none...there is some way it still manifests.

Today, I considered how serious the condition of 'workaholics' is (easy example of an addiction)'s even built into the word, isn't it?



I've withdrawn myself from most types of 3D deadlines with the knowing that I can easily navigate through space/time with "Divine and Perfect Timing."

It does feel like we're rapidly approaching another kinds of deadline, too.

Perhaps it's for anyone who has been choosing to ignore the truth of how humanity has been held at this 3D level...and will face a wake up call?

Little bits of information have been surfacing. It certainly is not easy to 'undo the bamboozling.' How far along are you?

The good news is, there have been so many others who have already gone through the process! Once this occurs, they are able to become...lifelines.

These lifelines are stretched out like a constellation network across the globe, sharing information to encourage and inspire.

They can recognize where someone is - because they have experienced it, themselves.

They know what helped them - and are willing to show up to listen, care, and provide hope.

All in alignment with today's Human Design:

"Gate 15.3 - Conditioned versus natural rhythms are theme; Ego inflation

The risk that modesty once recognized will self-destruct.

Exaltation: Where the otherwise negative contrived modesty is here reinforced by recognition and maintained as an effective strategy. The extremism of the Self as strategy to control the flow."

I have done my part in 'being my extreme Self as a strategy to control the flow,' for my whole life!

If you need a lifeline, let me know...

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