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Laying Low

It's Saturday, November 28th and timelines rearranged themselves multiple times for much so, that I had the whole day to myself...

This was perhaps the kindest thing the Universe could have done, actually, seeing that Gate 9: Line 2 is: "Misery loves company."

And I am not a miserable person...

How about you?

What did you do with the energy of today?

I spent it mostly laying low...I quietly worked on a Christmas gift.

As I stitched, I rewatched a few science fiction movies (they share information about what is really going on in our Universe!) and then got drawn into a series about a ruthless red-headed chess player.

Do you play?

I am not 'chess' analytic or strategic - however, I do see/hear/feel patterns in other

ways. In fact, there is a word for this.


"the tendency to perceive a connection or meaningful pattern between unrelated or random things (such as objects or ideas)"

I unpacked the garlic from its fermentation process and when Brigham showed up, I gave him a piece to try...

Then Katya called and we cleared a number of 'miserable frequencies' together.

After that, I shared the funniest video. (If you suffer from TDS- Trump Derangement Syndrome - don't watch it, since you might not think it's funny).

Now - like the garlic, this day is done.

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