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It's Tuesday, January 26th. It's the last day of Gate 41...Line 6 - Contagion "The law that the maximization of potential not only ends decrease but inevitably such transcendence benefits others. Exaltation: The maximization of the potential of form. The father whose success will benefit his children. The fuel for recognition through feelings. Detriment: The tendency in transcendence to keep it a secret in fear of being deprived of its special advantages. The fuel for secret or repressed feelings."

I am truly grateful to reach the end of this's felt very challenging to me - on every level! Every time I thought I reached the end of clearing an issue, more seemed to unfold. In layers.

Perhaps that is the only way to understand anything new (or re-view anything old), for that matter? One layer at a time

As I woke this morning, I found myself sketching images in my journal. It wasn't until I had fully completed 5 pages that I realized what had come through: a more complete understanding of my role and purpose.

An understanding of how we process frequencies (emotions, ideas, information, etc.) and how we are here to assimilate and harmonize all of the energies that are showing up on the planet right now.

As if to confirm this, I received an 'Energy Hygiene Guide' from Christine Schaffner (if you'd like, you can sign up for this 'Body Electic Summit' and get your own copy).

There's a great image of different types of tech and what frequency each one emits.

She also reminds us that:

"We each have our own pathways of electricity within our body: local fields that surround specific centers in the body; the biofield that surrounds our entire body."

Yes!! you see where I am going with this?

It's a little like me, as a child when my mother used to tell me that redheads sunburn easily.

Well, I did burn - until I realized that I could adjust my own personal, self-resonant frequency to match that of the sun!

So, we learn to adjust to one layer of understanding, and then incorporate another layer - and then yet another.

We can begin integrating and expanding our capacity to accommodate all of the various frequencies (emotions) - and then to harmonize them.

Then, I can buffer for someone else, if they have not yet learned to do that for themselves.

I hold internal space...and maximize the potential of form.

For my feelings and yours. And yours, yours, and yours.

This is how we activate dormant DNA and raise our individual and collective vibration.

Empowerment, really is contagious!

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