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Last Quarter

It's Friday, March 5th. Right now we're in a 'gray zone' of what is otherwise a 'leaf' day, biodynamically - and it's a '4' day. This is a good day to wear green.

Also, we're in the last quarter before the New Moon.

It's felt like another one of those days when I could not get a handle on what timeline I'm in.

It's been right out of Rocky Horror: Let's Do the Time Warp Again...

As I was working on weeding through emails, I noticed a dozen new messages from a fellow Diviner/Dowser friend, which spanned the last 3 months.

How on earth?

I've opened everything she's sent, so why would these have shown up now, except they were from another timeline...

Then I picked up one of the new books that arrived - and was startled at the amount of judgement within the first few pages.


Is this my own judgement about their judgements?

Yeah, I guess this means I need to keep the book and read a bit more until I'm no longer triggered. Unlike this guy. Triggered!!!

I made some lovely mushroom bisque for this evening's Fun Friday and was pondering which errands to run, when Brigham arrived with some squash to bake.

I suppose now, more than ever, it's good to be present for this energy of Gate 63:Line 5 - Affirmation

"Exaltation: The authority and sincerity of purpose to pursue the same values in the new beginning that had allowed it to transcend the old. The understanding that doubts are necessary and of value."

Confirmation came with this card that jumped out before I could even shuffle the deck:

Stating Your Sovereignty, Declaring Freedom, Passing a Test.

I'm ready to continue affirming this - are you? Not entirely sure I need to be a queen to do it...although maybe this is simply another reference from Freddy Mercury?

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