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It's Wednesday, April 28th. This is a '1' day, numerologically (what new foundations for dreams are you establishing?) and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically, through Friday morning. Also, it's my 400th blog post! That seems like a bit of a milestone, huh?

Today started with some final caulking before the shower doors were installed.

Have you realized that every job is more challenging when you are in an emotionally challenged state? And you end up in knots?

This was the case with the door installation. I held space and watched as the whole process became more and more tangled.

First, it was the bad instructions, then it was the stupid clips, then the screws weren't we paused to go to Chester Hardware and get some better ones.

When this part was done, Brandon left and I paused to figure out what else would make sense today.

Recycling. Retorqing lug nuts. Returning extra plumbing pieces...

Since it was rainy, I didn't mind running these errands. In fact, I made it a point to bring some sunshine (and some chocolate) to every place I stopped.

The gray morning energy had partially infected my mood...yet I was determined to not have it be contagious.

This brings us to Gate 24: Line 2 - "Recognition Exaltation: The proper and spontaneous adaption to new forms. The potential gift of conceptualizing spontaneously."

Because it's only when we recognize what's happening that we can choose something new, right?

This is what breaking addictive thinking is all about...and making powerful change.

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