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It's Sunday, October 18th. Definition of kindred?

1: of a similar nature or character: LIKE a kindred spirit 2: of the same ancestry: kindred tribes

When I woke up this morning, I had all I could do to get a notebook and pen for all of the new information coming through! This made sense, considering Gate 32:Line 6 - Tranquillity "The need to calmly face impermanence. Exaltation: An underlying acceptance of change that may or may not lead to tranquillity. The instinctive awareness to accept change and transformation."

I realized again that this is the process of creating inner peace: recognizing that change happens - and that as I change, I am given new information, resources, tools, and guidance.

My resources always include kindred souls!

As I waited to hear back from Sue (to process some of the schoolwork from yesterday...and share some of this new information) I went back and reviewed some of my very first blog posts.

I feel like they have changed and evolved a bit.

Perhaps they have also become a bit more mundane?

I share my routines and processes...which honestly feels a little silly to me sometimes, too.

Then again, it's sometimes nice to remember that we each bring a perspective - and one of my strengths is input.

There is so much information that I collect - it needs an outlet!

Do you have an outlet for your expression?

This blog is part of my 'outlet'...and how fun to know that you might be along for this ride.

Certainly, there were a few profound conversations today: phone, zoom, in person; at one point I was happy to get outside to find a number of juicy plantains growing in an easy-to-forage location.

Perhaps you already know about this powerful little plant?

I'm not sure yet what will become of this unexpected harvest...perhaps there will be additional Ancestral guidance that will steer me to use it in the most effective way?

How about you?

Do you hold an easy acceptance of change?

Are you open to new recipes, remedies, and insights?

Feel free to let me know how you love to make use of plantain ...and maintain your emotional baseline!

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