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Just grate!

It's Thursday, November 12th...and today has felt like a whirlwind. Fortunately, that usually means I'm being productive in creative and delicious ways...

Have you noticed the sense of speed?

Has it felt like you are achieving or accomplishing more than usual?

I revisited a few projects that had been set aside...such as painting the greats. (Ha! I do love a ridiculous spelling twist)

They are not going to be perfect, I can tell already...and that is okay. They are better than they were.

Also, Brandon arrived with the under-cabinet lighting, which made a huge difference in the kitchen!

Remember Amy Steinberg's song: You are the light? It made me happy to be singing along, realizing how much I appreciate collaborating with folks to get things done;

whether it's holding a vision for someone or with someone - it's nice to see it come to completion.

Then, I had a chance to do some clearing with two lovely friends from the ASD, work on an editing project, and then Stacie arrived with more leaves to mulch and some calming (grounding) tea.

Don't you love the fun label she made?

Of course, we had some right then. And shared some of the themes we are seeing personally and collectively. It seems like there are folks who are waking up and noticing their constitutional rights are being a bit infringed upon...

Before she left, we both noticed how well coordinated she, her truck, and the front door were...

I quickly caught up on a few basic chores here, listening to the funniest take on current events!

Now I'm back (late) from watching the documentary 'The Phenomenon,' about UFOs and disclosure.

Are you keeping up?

I say, do what you can to maintain a good sense of humor - it will carry you.

Drink tea - it will warm you.

And wear red - it's so sassy!

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