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It's Monday, December 7th. I was very grateful for the solid sleep I got last night, as my 'team' was ready and raring to go this morning! It's getting easier to trust that I am in alignment as I respond.

Today is the final day of Gate 5: Line 6 "Yielding: Waiting is never free from pressure, physical or mental and is often punctuated by the unexpected. Exaltation: The growth of awareness that comes with bending to the universal flow. Accepting that in one's fixed rhythm despite the pressures, growth will be empowered, and often through the unexpected. No polarity. Detriment: There is no planet in detriment; each in its way, given the power of this position, will yield to the inevitable."

There was some discussion around the use of the word 'not' and 'don't'...and the mixed messages it sends to your own brain.

Are you aware of this?

I love the alphabet that Vimala Rodgers presents with an invitation to connect with the meaning of each letter we use (and how they are written), as we build the words that create our reality.

Whew! Talk about mindful, huh?

So, take another look at today's Line 6 - there's NO polarity! Growth is going to be empowered, regardless (through the unexpected?!) and it's okay to yield to the Universal Flow.

I found myself doing that again, today...postponing my to-do list when the need for clearing showed up and trusting myself to respond authentically in each moment.... feeling the discomfort.

Because, as Janis sings:

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose," so if there is discomfort around anything in my life - I'm not free.

There must be something left to lose....?

Oh, yeah: the resistance that keeps me from yielding.

Which feels counterintuitive to what I'm sharing: concerns around the way 'normal' behavior is pathologized. Masks.

Propaganda disguised as advertising.

The infiltration of communism.

Ultimately, we all get to face our own shadows and fears. When we do, we're free.

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