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It's Saturday, March 6th. It's a '5' day, numerologically (time to welcome change! Maybe wear some blue); biodynamically, it's a ' leaf' day. Even as I write this, I have some corn chowder cooking for later.

When I tuned into what to write about, it felt pretty silly: introductions....

And yet it is HUGE! Let's look at the etymology of the word, shall we?

From the Latin words: "intro- "inward, to the inside" (see intro-) + ducere "to lead." It's literally the "act of bringing into existence."

Wow, right?

With every new person that you meet, with every new introduction, you are the creator of what you bring into existence.

How might this change things, you ask?

Well, you may change the story you share with someone about 'who you've been.'

Because this may or may not serve you anymore....

(And also, because we don't even really remember all of who we are!)

Perfect with the energy of today's Gate 63: "Line 6 - Nostalgia Exaltation: The good sense to avoid turning the previous struggle into an obsession. The logic of leaving old doubts behind."

Although we are the sum of our experiences, we are the sum of ALL experiences - and the co-creators of whatever new experience we may decide we are ready for.

So, maybe catch yourself next time someone asks: 'What do you do?"

And have a terrific answer ready like: Things that I love! Or: I AM a 'Human Being', not a 'Human Doing.' Or: 'Whatever Spirit leads me to do.' Or: 'Enjoy chocolate."

Here's today's quote from Abraham (thanks for sharing, Dave): "Relationships are forever. They are eternal. Not just permanent in this lifetime. Once you establish a relationship, it is an eternal relationship. What holds bad things in your life is always your attention to those bad things, always. Excerpted from Sacramento, CA on 5/13/00

Today I dream that we all connect into our fully joyful empowered Selves and commit the "act of bringing into existence" ALL that we are!

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