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International Women's Day?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

It's Monday, March 8th - a '7' day, numerologically, so I wore some purple. Biodynamically, it was a 'fruit' day, so I baked some squash.

Katya just texted 'Happy International Women's Day' let me wish that to all of you.

Wait - how is this day not censored?

I mean, with all of the sexist, racist, ageist things (that we maybe didn't even realize were sexist, racist, ageist) being banned, censored, and canceled...I'm kinda surprised!

And - is there an International Men's Day?

All of this 'shutting things down' seems to be making me question everything more...

And it makes it really easy to get super angry, frustrated, resentful, and defiant.

All important emotions! Feel them, process them - and then get a group of people together to play 'The Game.'

Yes, this is the one I referenced yesterday.

Can you see how it works?

It's like the game of 'telephone' (or 'gossip') that gets whispered around a circle, to see how much the phrase gets changed in the process...except:

It's done in writing and sketches.

You need a stack of blank papers for the amount of players, which are then numbered.

Then, after everyone thinks up their phrase or saying, the whole stack of paper gets handed to the right - where the next player looks at the phrase, moves the saying to the bottom of the papers & draws a sketch on the next sheet of paper.

I love this game SO much!

It works on so many levels:

  • It works on an individual and group level

  • Both the process and the product are hilarious

  • It requires (and balances) both the left side and the right sight of the brain

  • The co-creation is non-competitive

  • It allows everyone to engage independently and interdependently, seeing how perspectives, words, sketches were interpreted

  • Final outcomes are always unique and creative - it's funny to see how and when the changes happen

  • And - did I mention: it's hilarious?

The joy and laughter from playing this the other night carried me through today, as I ran various errands, met with friends (thank you, Linda and Janet!)...

...and realized after the fact, that it might have been good to run through the car wash after the trip to the farm.

Seems like I might have been working with the energy of Gate 22.2: Line 2 - Charm school "The belief that style can mask nature. Exaltation: The ability to successfully delude oneself and others. The possibility to attract others with an emotional style."

My emotional style might just be funny, huh?

If so, I think I'll continue using this style to delude myself until we've made it through this whole Ascension Process!

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