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It's Monday, October 5th and I listened to Allison Coe's new podcast, before even getting out of bed. Have you heard of her? I think I've shared some of her work...powerful stuff.

Thank goodness there are a growing number of people, who are able to fill in the big picture with channeled information and healthy awareness/ recognition of how current events are playing their role.

When today's Human Design update came in, I dug out my chart to look at it and see what the activation of Gate 48 does for me.

"Gate 48 provides a potent awareness rooted in deep instinctual memory that gives us the potential depth to bring logic's real and workable solutions to the problems of society. More than anything, we want to express and share our depth in order to help others recognize, correct and perfect the world we live in.

Without Gate 16 we may experience feelings of inadequacy, fearing that we won't be able to explain our solution, or periods of frustration when we realize that we must wait for our depth to be recognized by others before we can share it."

Turns out, I have Gate 16 and with Gate 48 activated, it defines both my splenic and throat centers. Yessssss!!!

This turned out to be very helpful in clarifying a new energetic practice with a client this evening.

We are in the middle of exciting times, for sure. This photo of the sun (which I took back in May), is an example that all of creation is working with us, as we navigate this Ascension process.

Are you ready? Spiritually, I mean. Are you aligned with your priorities? Are you aware of the coming solar event? Can you feel the upgrades your physical body is going through?

Everything we've experienced so far - all systems - are going to change.

In case you hadn't noticed - it's happening!

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