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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

It's Tuesday, October 5th...and I am noticing how fast I seem to be sliding in and out of various timelines. The colors of the leaves are changing color here in Vermont and the crisp air speaks volumes of this shift into autumn.

Numerologically, today is a '2' day, so a good day for peaceful cooperation; biodynamically, it's a 'root' day - lemon and ginger tea is especially delicious for the ginger.

It feels like a while since I last wrote - here we are arriving at a New Moon (tomorrow) with Pluto moving direct (thank heavens!).

I am grateful for this quiet moment to catch up with my own thoughts of the last few days:

Yes, I have been traveling, which offers new perspectives, as my GeoPinealSensor gets activated by the location and the people.

Yes, I am aware there are various 'operations' happening behind the scenes (No, I don't -and didn't- miss FB or IG or even WhatsApp, when they went down).

Yes, I continue to seek & find inspiration.

One thing I am noticing (for myself - and in conversations) is that longstanding relationships are changing; family and friendships of many years are coming to divisive endings.

Of course, this seems to be following the energy of Gene Key 48: The Wonder of Uncertainty; (Shadow) Inadequacy- (Gift) Resourcefulness - (Siddhi) Wisdom

Additionally, we are in "Line 4 - Restructuring Exaltation: The good sense to take advantage of restriction on short term activity to assess the situation and restructure for long term goals that will facilitate development when activity resumes. The awareness that depth and its possible expression will face restrictions with a resulting taste for short term projects."

Does this mean that even these endings are serving a purpose?

How can we access new wells of imaginative resourcefulness?

If this week is about 'Going Your Own Way,' and today is about remembering that we are all 'One in Essence,' then doing what we need to do to take care of ourselves right now is the correct thing, right?

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