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It's Wednesday, January 27th. We have moved into Gate 19, which "fuels two essential human mandates: the need to have access to basic resources like food and shelter, and the need for spirit."

It's good to remember that we are both a body and we can also remember how to care for both.

Resources like food and shelter are pretty clear essentials....

What about the need for spirit?

How do you access spirit, as a resource?

Todays Line 1 is: Interdependence

It's acknowledging that we need the body to access spirit....and to make room for it.

Richard Rudd considers Gene Key 19 to be "The Future Human Being;" (Shadow)Co-dependence – (Gift)Sensitivity – (Siddhi)Sacrifice.

He writes: "The mystery of sacrifice is that it is rarely visible. Someone attacks me and I send him pure thoughts in return. Who can see this? He cannot. But my intention is sacrificial. Thus sacrifice is usually unseen. You have to sacrifice what others think of you, but redemption always comes in the end."

So, why did I call this post 'housecleaning'?

Because we have internal work that has to occur - in thoughts, emotions, and actions. This 'cleaning' is what makes more space for spirit.

It's what will move us from duality to unity.

What does it look like?

For me today, it meant a (mostly) 'down day' for my body; some self-care and rest.

When my body is rested, spirit is more easily accessible.

This is the microcosm of the macrocosm...we are going through some housecleaning!

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