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Hold Your Peace

It's Tuesday, August 24th. Numerologically, it's a '1' day (be courageous...start something new!) and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically. I've been processing a LOT over the past few days (have you been feeling the growing pains?) and want to share a bit of this wild ride...

First and foremost, I am so grateful for everyone who participated in the Geomancy on Sunday in Putney. What an amazing gathering.

It was an '8' day, numerologically and we synchronistically had 8 men and 8 women show up. The energy of Templar Knights and Christ Consciousness was very strong; the themes were: to stay joyful, relaxed, and connected.

Residual clearing continued through the afternoon and all day Monday. It was a challenge for me to do anything but laundry and recover!

Also, we moved into Gene Key 59: The Dragon in your Genome

(Shadow)Dishonesty – (Gift)Intimacy – (Siddhi)Transparency

I love this thought from Richard Rudd and 'The 64 Ways:' "Intimacy is something that is revealed from within. As we become more intimate inside our own heart, so we let go of needing another person to change. That is the magical moment. That is when unconditional love comes into the game."

So, with clearing, processing, recovery, gardening (today - how very grounding!) I've thought about all the ways we can continue to hold love across the Divides; it's to just be peaceful.

That's the easiest and hardest thing, right?

Especially right now?

So I'm doing what I can to share humor, stay relaxed, hold peace, and get ready for Fun Friday - and this Saturday's BIG event!

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