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Hard Work

It's Friday, June 12th and I'm taking a moment to come inside.

This has already been a tough day...

Work is one of those words that has an interesting etymology.

What do you consider hard work?

What work do you consider hard?

Physical/Manual labor?

Mental Challenges?

Emotional resiliency/transparency?

I grew up with parents who moved every 3 years, so I got very physically strong moving and unloading dozens of liquor boxes - packed full of books - at a young age. (Yes, both parents were bibliophiles.)

Manual/physical labor have been relatively easy for me - and I am grateful for my strength. I also have a pretty solid work ethic.

Today, though, I've dealt with not only manual labor, I've also dealt with emotional challenges:

A cremation of rooster and raccoon.

Who does that? Me.

I'm done finding my dead, buried chickens excavated. I'm finished with predators that don't listen to warnings. And apparently I am capable of hypocrisy: me - a vegetarian, capable of killing.

Recognizing and owning that was hard work: mentally and emotionally.

It also allowed me to check in with myself, around judgement and compassion. Can I forgive myself, for not realizing this is also a part of who I am? Can I drop my judgements of other people, who hunt, kill, and eat meat? Did I need to have this experience, so I could understand and drop those judgements? Is this what 'judge not, lest ye be judged' means...? That you get a first-hand experience of the thing you want to think you're not ?

I'm heading back out to finish digging up that clump of tall grass that's growing into the other flower beds...seems there might be some more emotions to work out.

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