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It's Saturday, May 2.

I'm checking to make sure.

Sometimes, I think this blog is the only thing keeping me anchored to linear time....

I woke up to sunshine and a video from Laura Eisenhower with Cyrus A. Parsa. Sometimes holding the awareness of everything that is happening on so many levels is almost too much.

So, I made some tea and debated what to share today; it seemed to be a toss-up between discussing freedom and happiness. What makes you happy? Do you know what that feels like in your body - or is it still mostly a concept in your head?

For years, I would remind each son: 'happiness is your responsibility.'

I just went looking for a photo of them...

(I'm such a proud mama bear!) the process, I came across some others: this one of Molly Ferris - a true model of happiness...and freedom?!

It would seem they are connected, yes?

When we claim the freedom to express who we are, we are happy!

So, I am sharing another photo from...ago.

Yup. That is me, with my sister-outlaw Brenda Harwood on the right. Right after Zip-lining in Lincoln, NH.

Again, there's a sense of exuberance and joy

as I recall that experience: trying something new with a sense of adventure. As I recall, I may have also been a little terrified.

Have you ever been terrified to try something new? Did you do it anyway?

More than anything, I am grateful for opportunities to try things out - and see where they fit into my happiness paradigm. And I'm happy to have the freedom to express myself in ways that stretch my muscles, ways of thinking and feeling.

There is a fab quote attributed to Gandhi (one of my heroes!): that "Happiness is when everything you think, say and do is in harmony." Wow. Think of all of those aspects of being: physical, mental, emotional alignment...everything in sync; you aligned with You.

How are you choosing to be happy today?

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