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It's Thursday, March 25th...Happy Birthday, Margaret!

It's a '6' day, numerologically (which can be about group work); a 'fruit' day, biodynamically.

Heading out this morning, I was open to the adventure of the day; a flowing tour of Grand Design.

Have you ever had a day that felt perfectly orchestrated?

That was today for me.

Taking a rather unusual route, I ended up driving on roads I have never traveled; energetically clearing, blessing the land, and shifting frequencies en route to Saratoga.

That came with its own rewards: beauty, art, surprises...

An outdoor art exhibit...

...a pleasant gallery walk in the middle of Nature (much like my Story Strolls....!)

A vision of what life might be if everyone were to pursue their creative urges, passions;

these images were quite large - and worthy of the time to wander around.

The path meandered around, finally ending at the edge of the river with a picnic table.

The whole event felt a little like a flower, blossoming from a crack in the sidewalk; creativity that simply had to be expressed!

More art in W. Pawlet:

This collection felt whimsical, eccentric, and lighthearted. Hooray!!

Who doesn't need that every once in a while - if not every day??

Such a good reminder to hold the balance with everything else that seems to be taking place in the world...

What was the highlight of the day?

Hmmm...hard to choose from so many!

Each stop brought an energetic exchange that allowed me to marvel at what an amazing teacher the journey is, itself.

One highlight was definitely meeting new friends Melissa, Angel, and Alex at the Tallulah Spring and engaging in an enlightening conversation; it culminated in tears, hugs, and confirmation from loved ones who have passed beyond the veil.

So perfect with Gate 17:Line 2 - Discrimination The benefit of associations based on the highest values. Exaltation: The successful achievement of purpose through proper alignment. The possibility to develop opinions through relationships.

Yessssss! Truth, freedom, purpose, beauty, creativity, fun!! My highest values all aligned....

This feels like success.

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