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It's Tuesday, August 17th - you know I love this, as it's another form of 8/8! Numerologically, it's a '3' day - sing, dance, and play! - and biodynamically it's 'gray' all day until we move into 'leaf' this evening at 6:00pm.

I woke early this morning, feeling a bit out-of-sorts and realized it was not just me; I'm always grateful when someone connects who can assist in identifying the specific issue.

In this case, it was about the 'magnitude of unjust violence, political corruption, the suffering of women and children, and general inhumanity....we are all impacted by it, whether consciously or unconsciously.

After clearing, I was able to kick myself into high gear to straighten things up.

As I worked, I thought again about 'gravity' being the opposite of 'levity.'

We've been told that gravity is a force of nature - and as such, it can't be changed.

I don't believe that, though.

In fact, remember the laughing scene in Mary Poppins? It was literally about lifting yourself up with laughter. Levity. Lightheartedness.

Defying gravity, as it were.

This doesn't mean that I don't know about the pain and suffering...or ignore it.

I instead, identify, clear, and transmute the energy; bringing things back into balance.

Here's a snippet from a recent email (thanks, Ben!)

As we move into Gene Key Gene Key 29 'Leaping Into The Void; Commitment' (Shadow)Half-heartedness – (Gift)Commitment – (Siddhi)Devotion

I consider how this fits with my musings of this morning.

Rudd writes: "Our frequency rises whenever we pour out our heart unconditionally to another in service of the highest. The more we love in this way, the more pressure we create within the atoms at the heart of creation. Eventually, all that love ruptures the time space continuum and the inexplicable event occurs, subject merges with object, and the one principle is all that is left."

Levity is lifting gravity from another. It's seeking to stay wholly heart-centered, finding opportunities to laugh, and finding joy in this purpose.

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