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It's Saturday, May 8th. It's a 'leaf' day through tonight, biodynamically, and a 'gray' day for all of tomorrow. Also, it's a '9' day, numerologically, which is all about endings and closures - and as such the perfect day for saying goodbye.

Today I had the honor of accompanying two beautiful humans, honoring their mother in a small, unmarked cemetery near Sudbury.

The farewell was poignant, the love was heartfelt - both in this realm and from the Beyond.

It made me realize again, that we have direct connections with our loved ones, who communicate in every way possible with us all the time.

Are you aware of them?

After the visit, we went for late lunch in Brandon at the lovely Cafe Provence.

I happily ate every bite of the seafood stew Chef Robert prepared. As we ate, I felt the enjoyment of Helen (their mother), who was happy to keep an ongoing commentary in my head.

At one point, a remark popped out and I realized it was her, speaking to them directly through me. Seems she was my kinda woman - she cut right to the chase!

Today is the last day of Gate 2: Line 6 - "Fixation

Unable or unwilling to see the whole picture.

Exaltation: With Mercury exalted, less negative, though the intellect becomes absorbed in constant rationalization. Higher knowing that is extremely narrow in its receptivity."

It feels like this Higher Knowing is accessible to me like the tuning on a radio station.

If I'm not paying attention, I might miss the messages....

Are you getting the messages your Ancestors and Assistants are giving?

They might have left the physical plane (and it's okay to say goodbye to them here),

however, messages are still coming through!

We just need to remember to tune in.

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