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Giving Thanks

It's Thursday. November 26th - Thanksgiving Day, here in the United States - and the moon has been Void-of-Course all day. It's kinda nice to think there will be no lasting repercussions, regarding today, huh?

Did you have a lovely day, I hope?

Usually, I host Thanksgiving dinner here...and after a conversation with my youngest, who reminded me the governor had LOCKED VERMONT DOWN and told us we should hold NO HOLIDAY GATHERINGS, I decided not to - especially if he wasn't going to come.

I confessed that I might be engaging in some 'civil disobedience,'

He got very quiet and then questioned whether it was really 'reckless disobedience.'

Maybe. Maybe not....

After all, Line 6 of Gate 34 is about: "Common sense; Knowing when enough is enough."

So, I prefer to think of it as:

'wreckless disobedience!'

I headed over to visit a few non-conformist folks, who own their health and sovereignty.

It was lovely. Food was yummy, conversation was engaging, and the weather was warm enough that the drive was wreckless.

How did you spend today?

Did you find your holiday plans a little bit changed?

Were you able to count some blessings?

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