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Get. Your. Popcorn.

It's Tuesday, January 19th and today is National Popcorn Day. Here are some fun facts and yum recipes....including this fascinating tidbit: Native Americans believed that a spirit lived in every kernel of popcorn; the heat would cause the spirit to move around within the kernel until it was able to finally break free. This is perfect, too, because (as I shared yesterday) today is a 'leaf' day, biodynamically - and corn is considered a 'leaf.' Pretty crazy, huh?

It's also perfect, because (as some of you already know) we are in the middle of the Greatest Show - ever.

Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and Lisa Renee have some info and updates.

Were you aware of how complex this plot is?

Today is fun, too, because with Gate 60 ("Theme: Purpose fulfilled through Transformation"), we move through two lines:

Line 4 and Line 5.

"Line 4 - Resourcefulness

Exaltation: The reasoned and intelligent maximization of potential within limitations. The maximization of potential within limitation.

and Line 5 - Leadership

Exaltation: The awareness that the destruction of the old limitations simply creates new ones. This results in behavioural patterns that demonstrate this understanding through actions and enhances leadership potential. The energy to handle a lifelong process of dealing with limitations."

As I crunch through this batch (cooked in ghee for fabulous flavor!) I'm remembering how bizarre I thought it was (as a child) to have my German friends want sugar on their popcorn...since I loved butter and salt.

Then, when I tasted kettle-corn, I understood!

Both flavors are so good, such a mix...

Maybe someday, too, we'll appreciate this coming show with full awareness of how a hero needs a villain, in order to become a we don't get sucked into hate, anger, blame, and such.

Ultimately, we play both roles, have you noticed?

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