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It's Sunday, September 6th. Happy Birthday, Charis!

Between yesterday and today, I am in a state of complete and utter gratitude on so many levels...

Wonderful people keep showing up to reflect the beautiful way in which Gate 64 is presenting itself, regarding:

"Line 4 - Conviction Exaltation: Symbolized by its phases, the Moon is assured of transition convinced by its very process that it will triumph. The assuredness that confusion is a process that results in realization."

Earlier today, clarity around 'state of mind' & 'state of matter' showed up.

Isn't it funny we ask: What's the matter?

Maybe the real question is: Where's your mind? Or: what's on your mind?

....because that is what is becoming the 'matter.'

Focusing on how we are showing up with an expanded and improved vision of who we are, illuminates new possibilities that we can co-create easily...

It feels joyful, powerful, and - vitally important!

Trusting my acceptance of confusion somehow engages the important process of emerging essential results and new awareness...and 'realization.' Literally, making something 'real.'

Playing at this with others, who are willing and able to be in this state of mind, too,...well, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for your willingness, as well as multi-layered energetic, and financial support.

So - thank you.

For all of your donations of time, money, food, and... chocolate.

Your generosity means so much - and I am so grateful.

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