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It's Saturday, October 24th - Happy Birthday, Nathan...

Last day of Gate 50:Line 6 - Leadership (A Left Angle Day!!)

"Exaltation: The gift in a position of power to maintain harmony even in severity. The strength to maintain one's values with vigour and continue to have harmonic relationships with others. Detriment: An inherent moodiness, that in a position of power may at times alienate or offend and effect overall efficiency. The strength to maintain one's values but at the expense of harmonic relationships."

Today was another gathering of Old Souls with Dan Churchill for our Past Lives' Workshop. Dan's lived experiences are the most unusual and fantastic stories!

Have you ever heard of Kelpies? At three years old, Dan was caught by his mother playing with this tiny being that suddenly evaporated into thin air...

As we listened, asked questions, and engaged with each other, it was wonderful to begin to understand how physics gets translated across other disciplines.

(Photo credits: Stacie Kohart - in the above photo, I am sporting the birthday scarf she made and presented to me. It is so colorful - and very soft!)

Also, have you ever heard of black garlic?

Apparently, it is fermented and full of beneficial properties...

I was so intrigued, I wanted to check it, immediately.

It was amazingly sweet, dense, and delicious!

As each person had an individual reading, we others had a chance to connect and discover what we shared in common.

There were a few A-has, some clearing, and lots of shifted from being quite cloudy to lovely, warm, and sunny.

I was grateful for all energetic exchanges we were able to provide for each other!

At the end of the day, Stacie stayed and we took a little trip over to Mr. Darcy's, so I could loudly serenade my birthday boy with the Dr. Seuss birthday song.

It's always amazing to watch him expertly navigate in his element. I am such a proud mama!

So, all in all, this was a lovely close to Gate 50. It feels like: equilibrium restored; harmony established.

So, where might we be going from here??

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