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Gate 9

It's Friday. Black Friday. Friday, November 27th, 2020.

We are moving to Gene Key #9: The Power of the Infinitesimal.

(Shadow) Inertia - (Gift) Determination - (Siddhi) Invincibility

I have this gate in my chart, and as it states in Richard Rudd's book and on my website:

"An ordinary person may find the aura of such a person almost unbearable, since it spotlights those aspects of your shadow nature that you most fear."

Have I done that for you?

Much like the energy of today, I started slowly, working to build up some determination to face my to-do list.

I thought this would entail some housecleaning - and it still might - however, when I stepped outside and felt how warm it was, I decided to address the asparagus bed, first.

It felt so good to be outside, working in the garden!

As I cut down the stalks, I pondered the number 9, which is all about endings, closure, and letting go.

I mixed up some epsom salts, jalapeno oil, fertilizer, and castor oil and worked it in to the bed. Hopefully, the rodents will be repelled by the oils and the asparagus will be nourished by the nutrients.

When I came in for my cup of tea, I listened to a few videos that were shared...and made me wonder if the meaning of 'Black Sky' (at the 25:12 mark of Santa's video) was a symbolic reference to Black Friday?

There is no question in my mind that we are in the middle of the most exciting story ever told.

Are you aware of these converging themes?

Just like in the best novels, the plot has twists and turns, unexpected red herrings and diversions, and cliffhanger chapters.

If Gate 9 is about endings, wouldn't it be nice to get closure on these other ...-gates?

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