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Gate 43

Today is Tuesday, November 10th and everything rearranged itself for me today...must have been in honor of Gate 43: (Shadow) Deafness – (Gift) Insight – (Siddhi) Epiphany.

When I don't listen to Guidance on round one, I get to revisit it, when timelines are rearranged. 

Richard Rudd reminds us:'There are many mysteries hidden within the human unconscious. For example, when we are young we learn various mental strategies for coping with unexpected painful situations, and these strategies are mostly lodged in our unconscious mind. Such patterns of thinking then follow us into our relationships, jobs and lives where they can undermine us when we feel threatened or overwhelmed. Our unconscious fears lie like twisted knots inside us that form into hardened opinions or judgements about ourselves, others and the world in general.

The art of contemplation gradually dissolves these hardened patterns, and the first stage is simply to create more inner space for them to be seen and released. This is the power of pausing. Pausing often leads directly to Insight, which is the spontaneous unravelling of one of these old knots inside our mind.'

How often do you allow yourself uninterrupted time for contemplation?

I paused today in my travels to take these photos. Not only did I pause, I made a screaming U-turn. What is this?! Art??

I'm waiting for some insight...

This may need more 'unraveling of knots' that I have time or energy for!

This sign, however, made me laugh.

Of course, people are still dying - just maybe not to the extent that we've been being told. And maybe not of CoVid. I mean - have you read Stephen Kings' book: The STAND? (That was a real plague - and terrific tale of good vs. evil).

Maybe the days in this Gate are allowing us an opportunity to see how we've been deaf to our own intuition and Divine Guidance? Might we gain insight into what's happening on other dimensional levels? I'm wondering if you have been experiencing extreme energies warring for your attention and consciousness? Are you addressing your shadow and bringing things to light in a productive way?

I pray for more coherence. For guidance and insight...and perhaps an epiphany for everyone, so we all awaken to the role we are playing - and whom it's serving.

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