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Gaining Altitude

It's Tuesday, July 13th. Biodynamically, it's a 'fruit' day (as is tomorrow) and numerologically, it's a '7' day (were you able to engage in something that fed your soul, today?)

I woke to rain again this morning - and though I felt somewhat better, my vision was still a little blurry and I felt heavy.

I was grateful to have a little flexibility to work on some quiet inside jobs this morning until the phone calls started.

As I worked, I did my best to catch up on some of what is being shared on a few favorite channels. This presentation on reforming the calendar had me in stitches!

How can we argue with this kind of logic?

As a society, we've removed ourselves almost completely from natural time (and our circadian rhythms).

I laughingly shared the other day in conversation, that I went through a number of watches breaking, before I figured out that it was time (ha!) for me to stop wearing them.

The other day, my cell phone died.

Am I ready to get another?

Will it stop, too?

What kind of sign is this?

Perhaps it was just to show me how addicted I had become? Me! (I know, right? Kinda funny, considering I don't even have cell service here)

These questions and the conversations of today seemed to be in keeping with the energy of "Gate 62: Line 2 - Restraint

Exaltation: The innate restrictiveness and discipline to comply with and exalt restraint. The discipline necessary for detail work."

What are your habits, rituals, routines?

Have you noticed any changes?

Besides the phone dying, I've noticed I have no appetite (nothing sounds appealing at all;

even tea tastes a little funny...and no coffee - not even one tiny cup. Ugh).

Vertigo, nausea, exhaustion.

And lots of digestive processing (who knows what exactly, as I haven't really eaten a lot!)

I think this is part of the re-equilibrizing of timelines after whatever we merged.

This must be a good sign that we are gaining altitude!

It's getting dark now, and rather than staying up laaaaate, I'm feeling ready to hit the hay; all part of some larger, natural rhythm.

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