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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

It's Tuesday, July 28th and at 7:00 am, it is already a hot one!

As I woke up, my eyes lit on the fan with an immediate insight that this would be today's theme.

I am not a physicist or scientist, so I am very grateful when I am able to receive an explanation that makes sense to me:

When a fan moves at a very high frequency, the individual blades blur, almost disappearing into one field. It doesn't mean the blades are no longer there, just that they show up differently.

When we see something moving very fast, it shows up differently. Frequent, see?

The individual blades of the fan are visible when they are stopped - though they exist to be moving.

This is so interesting to me - what would happen if you had fans -with different colored blades running at different speeds right behind each other: from stopped to super fast?

I do better with being able to make connections all over. I'm not great at


Isn't that how consciousness works? Not linearly or sequentially?

My brain works like that, too: processing freely with consciousness making connections that need to be made by whatever means necessary.

Sometimes my train of thought is moving so fast, others can't jump on board. I am working on my cognizance of this...

And yet, rather than slow down excessively, I consider what Christina said. As a 'reflector' in human design (and 1% of the population that reflects the collective state of awareness), she says we need to maintain our own high frequency and raise it as much as possible; it makes it easier for others to raise their own.

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