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Field Trip

Thursday, May 7, 2020. We had a full, flower, super-moon this morning at 6:45 am, which is just about the time I woke up - remembering that I am going on a field trip today!

Do you love field trips? Do you have a favorite memory of a field trip you went on, as a child?

I'm heading over to Saratoga Springs to fill up big water jugs with water from the Orenda Spring. It is perhaps the most intense tasting water of all of the springs, which are found all throughout the State Park. Have you been there? If you ever have a chance to visit - do!

It is magical and peaceful...and you may feel the presence of all of the Native Americans who honored the various springs for their healing properties.

Orenda is very salty, carbonated, and smelly. It is good for stomach upsets and activating the third eye.

The first time I tried it, it was hard to swallow! My friend reassured me that this was not unusual and that I would find myself wanting more because at some level my body recognized the minerals and nutrients.

This is a photo of the spring I took last year on May 13, 2019.

To find it took me on a fun trip down memory lane, seeing that on this day last year, I was flying back from another 'field trip' to Boulder Creek, after the week of HeartMath training.

That was another magical experience and one that deserves a whole book, really.

Have you had trips like that? That were so profoundly life-changing? Where you met people you felt that you've known before - even though you just met? Because maybe you did? And you stayed in touch for years afterward?

I believe that our experience on earth right now is the biggest field trip - ever. It is epic.

And we knew we would be here with good friends, who would challenge us, support us, play with us, teach us and remind us this was going to be a grand adventure! Keeping that in mind may be the best way to participate fully...and enjoy it!

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