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Favorite Things

It's Sunday, February 7th and the moon has been void-of-course all morning. If you found it was a bit challenging to get motivated, this may have been a contributing factor.

Since it's snowing (again) I decided to really relish today's hibernatorial energy (yes, spellcheck, I know that is not yet a word - I just made it up.)

Especially with moving into Gene Key 49:

Changing The World From The Inside

(Shadow)Reaction – (Gift)Revolution – (Siddhi) Rebirth.

How beautiful is this concept: "the family of the future will be the whole community, the fellowship of humanity itself. It will be a welcoming friendliness that pervades all awakening humans. Everywhere we go, we’ll find this spirit."

The 49th Gene Key is a programming partner of the collective to my 55th on an individual level, so I have been busy 'being the change I wish to see.'

I had a lovely conversation at a gathering last night with a new friend, who confided that she now converses with the unlikeliest people - folks with whom she would never before have imagined herself having anything in common.

How beautiful is that?

This morning, I found myself chortling, as I listened to JP on the Free Range American podcast.

It was snarky, irreverent, sarcastic...and absolutely hilarious.

Nothing like a different perspective!

So...Human Design refers to this as the Gate of Rejection, 49.1 - The law of necessity, with this insight: "...the people we accept into our circle are those willing to stand by us and support our principles; the rest we will be inclined to reject. Ours is a social agenda for change and reformation."

I truly hope we can get closer to principles that feel empowering for everyone pretty soon, don't you?

I might add them to my list of favorite things!

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