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It's Wednesday, February 24th. It's a '4' day, numerologically (get organized and productive!) and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically.

Additionally, we have moved into Gene Key 37: Family Alchemy; (Shadow)Weakness – (Gift) Equality – (Siddhi)Tenderness. As I read through this Gift, I was struck by the following:

"Our current age is truly an exciting time to be alive because this 37th Gift is giving birth to a new social paradigm all across our planet. It will create out of itself a new social framework that synthesises business, education and family rather than setting them apart from each other. It will also bring an end to isolated family groupings and communities by networking, both geographically and globally, to create a new model for community that is based on giving rather than controlling" (Rudd, p.291).

This Gene Key is also part of my design, so I felt hopeful as I read this, even after hearing about Governor Scott's newest EO, which included this:

Multi-household social gatherings indoors and outdoors in public and private spaces are prohibited for individuals who are not vaccinated. Vaccinated individuals or households may get together with one other vaccinated or non-vaccinated household at a time.

I had to take a walk to get out of my head.

I considered how Human Design describes this Gate:37 The Family "Gate of Friendship: Ready to Embrace the Outsider;

The manifestation macro and micro-cosmically of the organic nature of communities. Transpersonal expression of the potential sensitivity of revolution.

Line 1 - The mother/father A position of inherent respect that ensures a focus for the development of guidelines. Exaltation: Harmony is the key to the successful maintenance of relationships. It is only through harmony that the beauty and the values of the family can endure. Friendship that is rooted in sensitivity and ensures harmony. No polarity."

Pushing vaccinations? Prohibiting gatherings?

I think I'll align with harmonious relationships & friendships and the beauty and values of family.

In my mind that covers the whole of humanity. Are you in?

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